Someone surprising you at work with your soy latte order, exactly how you like it is the same as a marriage proposal right?!

Falling in love is thrilling. It’s an exciting, rewarding world altering bliss fest. But all those feels can be scary too. How do you know your new Boo is feeling the same way about you, before they say they words.

Here are the top 10 signs the person you are dating loves you. 

1. She laughs with you. Head back belly laughs when the two of you are doing just about anything.

2. She makes really thoughtful plans. Does she plan activities and pick  events designed with you in mind? If you’re nodding yes, she’s listening to you. Her taking you to a Robyn themed ping-pong marathon, is her saying she “wants to make you happy”.

3. She looks at you like you’re a vegan Big Mac. A lot can be said with the eyes. Does she look at you a sparkle in her eye? Ever catch her looking at you when you’re not looking? That’s the secret sauce and some ‘love-confirming’ realness right there!

4. She rides for you like Kanye rides for Beyonce. She defends you and always has your back. Someone leaves an off taste comment on your IG, your lover girl goes and defends you in type and takes the time to check in on your feelings after. That’s love.

5. She trust you – Even on the internet. She doesn’t creep your page like a part-time job and aggressively mark her territory in comments at any and every chance. Someone who respects your space and trust you in RL AND online, not only loves you but is doing it right. 

6. She makes you feel good about yourself. A partner who truly cares about you boosts your self-esteem and sense of identity. They make your bedhead feel like a fresh blow out. 

7. She includes you in her decisions. From picking radio stations to deciding to work late on a Friday night, she considers always you. 

8. She misses you while you’re apart. While away at her parents for easter weekend, she kept in touch sending cute memes she’d thought you’d like, and funny family happenings. If even while apart, you’re going on in her background, She’s got it bad.

9. She really sees you. She notices things about you others and… come to think of it even YOU didn’t notice about yourself. She pays close attention to all the little things and ways that make you you. 

10. Loves themselves (The most important one). A person can’t really love you until they love themselves first. Self-loving babes know how to set healthy boundaries in relationship. They’re usually pros at teaching people how to treat them, and their confidence brings out the best in those around them. If your new Boo loves herself, rest assured when she says those three little words “ILU”, she will not only mean them but apply them well. 


*Big thank you to: Tom-Boi for providing all wears: Tom-Boi is a vibrant aussie retailer who makes clothes for the Boi in all of us. Un Grand Merci also to models Mel & Lynka for sharing their love and time.*


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