Don’t have a costume and have zero time to prep? Last minute doesn’t have to mean less awesome. Here are 9 banging halloween looks you can achieve using only black eyeliner. 

1. Macaulay Culkin


For the 90’s baby, the ultimate child star nod this halloween is the Macaulay Culkin. (@christinamacattack)

2. Pussy Against Trump


@Kaykotamaki not only looks adorable but is sending an important political message this Halloween- normalizing rape culture is NOT cool. Armed with just an eyeliner you can flex your Pussy power this Halloween too.

3. Dirty dirty F*able Pirate


During a Halloween party a few years back a friend of mine whispered in my ear “I’d total get scurvy, to have that pirate lay on top me” while pointing at a very filthy looking John Depp a la Pirates of the Caribbean. Vom! I didn’t get it at all! Until… I saw @alimedina_3 in this look. Pirates are HAWT af.

4. Kylie Jenner


For my hottie femmes out there we bring you the Kylie Jenner. We switched out the black eyeliner for a red lipstick and went to town. Do NOT colour inside the lines for this one make those lips pop. Another popular variation on the Kylie this Halloween, is “Kylie’s old face”. For this look simply apply foundation to you lips to thin them until you can barely see them. (@meg_brinley)

5. Butterfly Snapchat Filter


Ok, ok, we broke the rules on this one, no eyeliner used. But we know you can work the scissors. Simply cut out a few paper butterflies to show off your love of Snapchat like @harmonyboucher here.

6. Frieda Kahlo


For the creative, the feminist and my can’t hold down ladies a little Brow-Wow goes a long way. Finish your look off with a red lip for extra pop and a nod to the vibrancy Frieda infused in her paintings. (@tylerleeaubrey)

7. Eleven


Be a hero this Halloween, the new kind – the adorable superpower child badass kind. Draw on a bloody nose and smudge a little eyeliner on your face to have you looking ready move things with yo’ mind. You can even bring along a couple Eggo’s  with this look for late night munchies. (@nazrn)

8.  Ghostbusters Holtzmann (Kate McKinnon)


“Aint afraid of no ghost”? Draw on some glasses and flex everyones favourite ghostbuster. The Gay one. (@lauragonza19)

If you head out sporting any of these looks this year tag us on IG @effort.lez for a feature.

Happy Halloween xx



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