It can be difficult to recognize when a relationship has reached its expiration date. Have things cooled off in the bedroom? Is your partner distant? Ok she’s regularly quiet, but like more catatonic than usual. Home wayyyyy less maybe? Like, as in NEVER! Do you find yourself going through the motions of single cat momhood. You’re relationship may be more over than you realize. Here are 10 signs to help you sort it out.

10 signs your relationship is over.

  1. Dead air. Is there far too much silence between you? Not the comfortable kind of silence but that awkward space that makes you want to leave the room, and head straight out the front door to someplace else?
  2. Sex. Who? The only screaming that happens in your bedroom anymore are arguments about borrowed clothes.
  3. Role reversal. She used to call and text all the time, now you find yourself initiating all communication only to be returned one word answers and emojis. K, Sure, 🙂 ….
  4. Work, work, work, work. Is your lady suddenly working long evening hours on the regular? Hate to tell you but she’s likely avoiding you.
  5. All war, no love. You find yourselves bickering and fighting all the time yet having no great make up sex.
  6. No woman no cry. You’re happier alone, than when she’s around.
    Complaints counter. Your partner almost never talks to you about anything other than negativity. Do you only hear about her nagging boss, frustrating mom ect. Are only a place she drops her shit? If so you should probably think about dropping her. All that negativity isn’t good for anyone.
  7. Option. Does your partner make you feel like one?
  8. Bored. Spending time together just doesn’t thrill you anymore and doesn’t seem worth the effort to spice things up.
  9. Pride fever. You find yourself looking forward to Pride as an opportunity to meet new “people”. People meaning hot, interesting single girls.

If any of this sounds a lot like your current situation. Get out sooner then later. You are your time are worth too much to put up with this kind of relationship half-assery.

Image: @kelly.balch

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