Oh Christmas… that time of year we all get boozy in bad holiday sweaters and eat our weight in cheese. I see you, nodding over there. But Xmas isn’t about just dairy,  it’s also about spoiling the Noel out of everything we love.  Including our sweet sweet lovin’ fur babies. What did you think? Christmas isn’t just all about you, you little Christmas Tart!

Let’s face it if you’re anything like me, right about now with the holidays just a few weeks out,  you’ve got a closet full of the finest artisanal hypoallergenic surprises for your pup. My Dad on the other hand shouldn’t hold his breath, Xmas is not looking so good for him this year on the gift sitch. It will probably be some last minute thoughtful slippers and Whiskey for Dad. “Still love you though Dad!”

Things are so rushed this time of year all I’ll probably have time for is handcrafting some homemade/Organic/Gluten Free Christmas cookies for my sweet puppy pal lover boy Pepe… Oh well.


Here are 5 of the cutest Christmas cookie recipes for dogs you can make your fur-baes this holiday season. 

Happy Howlidays!

Coming in at number 1.

Calvin’s Xmas Cookies


Spoiler Alert. Calvin didn’t make these himself. But he did use this look to motivate his mama to dream up this festive recipe special just for him. These “Christmas Cookies” are filled with healthy, whole ingredients and have festive holiday colours sourced from whole food all natural toppings (red cranberries and green pumpkin seeds!). They are sure to put the magic of Christmas in your dogs heart belly.


2. Candy Cane Dog Cookies


You are not dying. You may feel that you are at the mere sight of a-dog-dorable treats. But I assure you, you’ll be ok…As long as you go out and get the ingredients to make these Hypoallergenic goodies right f’ing now!  We’ll be here when you get back I promise. Can you also grab us some 60 watt lightbulbs while you’re out? It’s getting dark so early these days. Thanks Loves!

3. Apple, Cheddar and Bacon Bit Dog Treats


If you really want to get thing paw-pin this holiday. These are the way to go. I really don’t think they even need a sell. They’re made with bacon. The only thing you really need know about these is they make great gifts for brothers too. I don’t have a brother. But I do have an older cousin Damien. Damien used to “let” me tag along on bike rides with him once in awhile when I was a kid. Only to take me on a journey so far I didn’t know my way home then take off full speed on me. That fucker is getting a nice bag of these this xmas too.

4. Paw-Print Dog Cookies


These will Paw-sitively make an impression on you pooch this holiday season.

5. Christmas Wreath


For the crafty at heart who aren’t about the baking, how about putting together this cuteness?

There you have it, ‘dog-gone it’ everything you need to be ready for the Howlidays!

Merry Christmas Bay-Bays!

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