Art and Visibility – Have been cornerstones of the queer rights movement since day one. Aka Stonewall. Via marches we learned the power of visibility. How stepping “out” of the shadows and onto the streets could do amazing things like help stop police brutality.  Via queer artists like Warhol we learned that provoking the powers at be with cheeky art could really demand attention. In a nod to our queer “they-story” and in continued pursuit of equality. EL brings you ‘Crimes Against Identity’.

What is CAI?

“Crimes Against Identity is a provocateur project aimed at exploring and exposing the scope of society’s outlawing and criminalizing of queer and non-binary identities. Via pointedly non-glamourous portraiture paired with first person queer and non-binary narratives, CAI aims to make public the shaming and harm applied by establishment to LGBTQ+ bodies.

CAI is an act of protest by visibility. “

In recent months we’ve been harrowingly reminded just how important the pursuit of equality still is. It is for these reasons CAI will be touring cities across North America in 2017 raising awareness on the various ways queer bodies are criminalized socially and legally.

Crimes Against Identity officially kicked off at the HER Winter Party in Toronto. Here are some of the “baddest” queers in the “6”.

TORONTO’s TOP 10 Most Wanted.

1. Alex Simpson – @Alexsimpss

Accused by Men of Being Queer Due to: “Just never having been F*$#ed right.”

2. Sara Gallipeau – @Gayllipeau

Accused of: “Being a ‘Sir’, being a Trans.”

3. Madalen Tojic – @Madalenklare

Guilty of:

“Wishing I could see my identity as a queer woman or other intersections that exist around me, portrayed in popular artistic media.”

4. Maxie – @Maxierichman

Crime: Bad Girl.


5. Fee Pearlman – HER Toronto City Lead @Feehertoronto

Found Guilty of: “Not being able to make up her mind.”

6. Cat Chow – @Kittycatchow

Accused of: “Making people think I’m a boy.”

7. Lucie Simone – @Luciesimone

Accused of: “Being a slut.”

8. Jessica Frutti – @Jessfrutti

Accused of: “Lying about my last name”

9. Irene – @shteps

Tried for: “Holding hands and flirting with my girlfriend.”

10. Racheal – @Stickswell

Guilty of: “Having no one racial identity. Mixed in the 6:”

**If you come across any of these individuals…DO approach and high five!**

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