This past Thursday we attended dapperQs third NYFW presentation (iD). An experience we can only describe as:

  • Living our Instagram feed live.
  • Attending the family reunion you’ve been waiting for your whole life.
  • The most powerful experience of art, community and activism we’ve ever had.

We we’re so moved by the powerful production we decided to put together a visual recap (with some behind the scenes extras) so you could share in the experience with us.We knew the moment our Uber parked in front of this we were in for a treat. 

screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-9-01-10-amThe venue: Brooklyn Museum 

Spoiler Alert: We weren’t wrong. As we proceeded into the venue and headed back stage the energy was palpable. Room after room was filled journalists, models, designers all doing the finishing touches preparing for the show. Only not with the frantic buzz you would expect behind the scenes, there was an easy calmness and camaraderie amongst everyone in house. 

screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-9-01-41-amR-L: Elliott Sailors & Alex

New acquaintances mingled like old friends. Online friends and associates became RL friends, greeting each other like they were crossing the stage in a Maury Pauvich reunion show. 

screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-9-02-07-amR-L: Alex, Natasha (Effort-Lez), Olivia Z.

It’s hard to describe what being at a queer community event like this is like. Pressed to do so i’d say it’s like a family reunion crossed with Xmas, because of the gifts. The gifts being how we were all liberating each other through fashion. We all had a rolls to play and recognized the importance of each player. There was no one star on set, but a community of individuals all working to create something for one another together. 

The show featured the work of 8 Queer design houses:

screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-8-55-15-amPhoto Credit: dapperQ

Here are some of our favourite moments from the show.

Stuzo kicked off the show with a powerful multimedia display of their “XCollection” making a very important political statement. #BlackLivesMatter. The energy was instantly electric, the crowd hung on every message the designs and production delivered.


Anji Becker and her line We Are Mortals sent a big message to the crowd that “gender is over”. Displaying a genderfluid streetwear collection everyone in attendance was putting on their Christmas wish lists. 

img_1995We Are Mortals

Design house Thomas Thomas debuted their very first collection on iD’s runway, leaving us all in batted breath. The line featured a chic blend of vintage menswear with modern twists. As seen here on Elliott Sailors.

img_1983Elliott Sailors – Thomas Thomas

Former olympian turned model Casey Legler brought real star power and a F ton of energy to the stage. Casey had us all adjusting our collars when she stepped out bringing that hot hot heat in Sir New York.

img_2122Casey Legler Sir New York

Don’t think for a second Hip Hop Artist Cakes Da Killa was about to let Casey Legler steal the show. Bringing the most sass we saw on the runway all night, Cakes Da Killa brought audience cheers to new levels.

img_2149Cakes Da Killa – Sir New York

Olivia Zetter looked absolutely whimsical in Angie Chuang. She seemed to float across the stage catching the light perfectly at every angle. 

img_2055Olivia Zetter – Angie Chuang

Ali Medina another crowd favourite strutted in The Tailory in a look that casualized traditionally very formal custom wares. 

img_2088Ali MedinaThe Tailory

By the end of the night it was undeniable iD the production had set us all free. All identities, all bodies all genders are beautiful and deserving of the same rights and freedoms. A big thank you to dapperQ for setting us all free with their production. 

img_2067Angie Chuang

A sincere and special thanks to our gracious host Anita Dolce Vita for being so welcoming and providing us with what we can only describe as a “world class experience”. Thank you.

Images: Courtesy of Effort-Lez where not otherwise credited.

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