I just returned home from a month long backpacking trip across Thailand with my two best friends, and boy are my arms tired. Whan whan… No seriously it was the most amazing travel adventure to date I’ve had to date. Chalked full of just the right mix beauty, adventure and discovery it’s a country with something to offer any traveller. Thinking of exploring Thailand? Here are a few hot tips I put together to help you navigate this slice of paradise.

1- GO! If it’s something you’ve been wanting to do there is no better time so stop putting it off! Trust me.. you won’t regret it. Money will never be as valuable as experience.

2- DO go with your best mates! Trust me there is nothing that will add to your experience like sharing it with your favourite people.

3- DO rent a scooter! For $5 a day or less it’s the best way to get around. Pro Tip. Be sure to carry your drivers license on you at all times. This is about the only traffic law strictly enforced. Oh, and wear a damn helmet pls- safety first. You’ll still look cute don’t worry.

4- Find hostels where possible. They’re not only super affordable but surprisingly nice. Major bonus is meeting other travellers to hang and explore with. HOT TIP: Take a light weight sleeping bag – bed bugs  suck.

5- Eat and drink out of a coconut everyday! You’ll feel like exotic AF annnnd as an added bonus it will help you ward off hangovers.

6- DO NOT GO to an elephant riding camp! These camps are often found treating the animals inhumanly. There are several elephant sanctuaries throughout Thailand where you can go see Happy Elephants -we loved the one in ChangMai!

7- DO go see a drag show! The ‘Lady Boys’ are the most beautiful and hilarious performers I’ve seen! The Queer district in Bangkok is also something everyone should experience.

8- DO wear bug spray. Getting eaten alive is uncomfortable. Take care of your skin. Pass out in a random hammocks (which are hanging around everywhere) can also be a rash risk. You don’t want a Thailand tush rash. Trust me. I heard from a friend.

9- DO rent Kayaks if you get a chance. It’s an amazing way to see Thailand. Investing in a waterproof camera to capture the views is def recommended as well.

10- DO eat and try all the street food. Street eats in Thailand are among some of the best I’ve had! I def recommend the mango and sticky rice and the fruit smoothies; all natural and delicious.

11- Save your souvenir shopping for the end of your trip. I bought stuff along the way and when I checked into my flights my bag was wayyyyy overweight and can airlines charge a small fortune for baggage fees. If you fly out of Bangkok go to the Chutuchuck weekend market Over 200,000 people visit the market a day.

12- DO go to the islands first. I’ll tell you why, the food is amazing and beer pairs well with everything. That beach bod you’ve been working for the trip can fade real fast under those conditions.

13- DO wing the trip! Have a basic idea of where you want to go in Thailand, but leave yourself flexibility to experience more of what you connect with when you get there. I loved northern Thailand, and was glad I didn’t schedule myself to death and had the flexibility to spend all the time I wanted exploring the temples in the high mountains.

14- DO Buy your beer at 711 – You’ll save hella cash doing this.

15- Skinny dip! Cause it’s legal and Yolo!

18- DON’T speak ill of the recent deceased king. People have gone to jail for any sign of disrespect.

19- DO take your shoes off in people’s homes, temples, and even some places of business; it’s a cultural sign of respect.

2o- DO travel prepared and take hand sanitizer and TP. Soap and toilet paper are rare to come by – most of the public toilets are just a hole in the ground. So, get those quads ready.

Happy Travels.

See you soon. xx


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