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On July 17th a total emoji frenzy happened on the internets. Twitter rolled out #WorldEmojiDay and pure vitalness went down. There is a consensus among iPhone users – we are “Emoj-ional” about emojis. This got me thinking about emojis I’m thirsty for – Lesbian Emoji’s. Duh! I mean I can only send my girlfriend the eggplant emoji so many more times. I need more options Apple. Here is my top 11 lesbian emoji wish list.

  • Taco FISH Taco: Because… If I need to explain this to you, you are reading the wrong blog.
  • Netflix: Because we all know “Come over and have a Netflix marathon.” Really means “Wanna come over and make out ALL day in bed and at some point maybe surface to order Pad thai?”
  • Boxed Wine: Because drinking wine and making out.
  • Noodle: For noodle emergencies in bars
  • Carpet: Because hipster lesbians are making bush the female beard.
  • Undercut: Because we all know and love em. No one does hair better than lesbians.
  • Boxer Briefs: Because there isn’t a woman alive who doesn’t look cute in them
  • Uhaul: Because
  • Turkey Baister: For those times you want to tell your girl “lets make a baby” or when you see a lesbian couple with a baby?
  • Bowtie: Because dapper ladies
  • Beaver: Because Ha.

What lesbian emojis are you thirsty for? Comment below.

Image: @This_Chick_Jenn


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