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If there is one thing I know about lesbians, it’s this. We LOVE queer media. I’m not sure there is a lesbian I know that hasn’t watched every “lesbian movie” on the Netflix roster twice, including EVERY mainstream movie ever made with a lesbian story line or character. We’ve also all been throwing pennies in ponds on wishing on stars for an L-Word sequel since like 06’.

If there are so many lesbians and arguably even more since the Ruby Rose phenomenon, all dying for lesbian media. Why isn’t there more of it? I recently had a conversation with film maker Jenna Laurenzo Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 12.35.40 PMabout just this. When we touched on the topic Jenna told me that the biggest challenge in pitching lesbian scripts, is being told over and over again how there is no audience. What?! These people have clearly not been reading our fan pages!! Well my Baybays, we have an incredible opportunity to change all that.

Jenna Laurenzo has written and directed an absolutely adorable comedic short called “Girl Night Stand”. I double dog dare you to not fall completely in love with it and the 2 main characters. Girl Night Stand is the prequel to a feature film called Lez Bomb, where Katie leaves behind her shoes and who she thought was after a one night stand with a confident and captivating woman. Baybays, this is not your average cheezooo low quality webisode. This is high quality short, with a great concept, terrific writing and adorable delivery. Don’t just take my word for it, Jennifer gave us the full short to check out.

So now you want more, I know! Me too! Lucky for us that’s where Lez Bomb the feature comes in. Lez Bomb is where closeted Katie brings her new GF home for thanksgiving, to meet the family and drop her “Lez Bomb”. Writer/Director Jenna Laurenzo tells us this comedic coming out plot gets derailed when other family members start spilling secrets of their own. Finally a quality lesbian movie, made by a member of our community, who cares about creating positive authentic narratives. Jenna wrote Lez Bomb because it was the movie I wanted to see but couldn’t find. It has a happy ending. The lead girl doesn’t go back to men because it’s just a phase. And it’s laugh out loud funny.” – Jenna Laurenzo

The best part, all we have to do to see this movie made and many more like it, is show that there is an audience! Use your digital voice my Baybays! If you love Lesbian film, and love this short? Share it on FB and Twitter. Tell us what you think of it. 

Follow Jennifer @Jennalaurenzo and Lez Bomb @lezbombmovie. Let’s show the film industry just how big our audience is and how much we want more quality lesbian media.

Images and media all compliments of the very talented Jenna Laurenzo

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