There is nothing in the world that compares to hitting the open road on a Harley Davidson motorcycle. In the crisp morning air, you straddle the saddle and kick the scooter to life. Immediately, the deep, throaty roar of the big twin-can motor rumbles and echoes off the glass—steel towers around you. A couple of quick rolls on the throttle and the beast comes alive. Suddenly, the bike seems to have been granted a life of its own.


There is no better feeling than the one I get while weaving along a back country road on my moto, music pulsing in my ears, wind biting the naked nape of my neck with every turn. I’m filled with a mixed sense of exhilaration and utter peace as I accelerate the throttle. And then, of course, there’s how I feel when I ride past a gaggle of dudes—at least one always notices the spike of blonde braid sticking out from beneath my helmet. As you might guess, feeling like the ultimate version of my badass, empowered self in front of a group of big burly moto dudes is right up there with the best of ‘em.

Perhaps more than anything else, I like that riding brings me face-to-face with the present moment. When I’m on my bike, I’m relentlessly aware of my surroundings. While catapulting myself forward at speeds upwards of 80 miles per hour, it’s hard for all of the senses not to be brought to the forefront at once. But sight especially on a moto, which is so different from riding in a car… everything’s more crisp and corporeal; smell, and touch—the immense weight of the bike under me and the feel of the wind as it passes over the few bare pieces of my skin—the beauty and presence of those shock me into focus every time.


The only place I feel truly at peace on this rock we call earth, just may be when I’m on my bike, with the open road ahead of me. All the chatter in my head stops, and my mind begins to clear.

Out into the open country I ride. The wind in my face and every smells this earth has to offer engulfs me completely. I unleash the bike into the canyons and feel inextricably one with the machine. Completely effortless and in the moment. Sun, rain, wind, or hail I—you—are a part of the elements. A part of this earth, and anything and everything it has to offer. You take the good with bad, because that’s just part of the trade off.

You’ll probably roll your eyes reading this, but honestly: bikers are some of the most down to earth people on the planet. The biker fraternity, is one you induct yourself into once you’ve strapped your butt to a Harley Davidson. You become a bit of an outlaw. A rogue. Generous. A biker Brother or Sister. Whether riding alone or in a group, you feel part of the Lion’s Pride. You are different than everyone else around you—all those who do not ride. Forever changed. If you ever break down on the side of some road, you rest assured: another biker will stop to help you.


Man, woman, or anywhere in between, when accompanied by the powerful grace that is one of these machines… well, you will never feel more alive than when you are on that scooter brappin around. Not to mention when you have a hot babe on the back with you. So go on join us!

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About The Author

Chalese is the embodiment of Tomboy spirit and a serious adventurer. Chalese does crazy shit in the land of Utah. She’s an avid snowboarder, hiker, biker and motorcycle rider. She's is always looking for an adventure, a good beer, and like minded individuals who aren't afraid to get a little weird.

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