Kirrin Finch is a Brooklyn based clothing brand that creates eco-conscious menswear-inspired apparel for women. They recently launched a new fall winter collection of unique button-up shirts, featuring fun elbow patches, rich colored fall plaids, and eco-friendly fabrics. I had the pleasure of meeting, Laura and Kelly, the wife and wife duo of Kirrin Finch at the Superbutch fashion show in Toronto earlier this year. We became fast friends based on the killer moves the two threw down on the dance floor. They convinced me and my girl, Kate to come down to NYC that weekend to take part in their photoshoot. And what ensued next was nothing short of pure magic, and I’m not just talking about my smizing! – We created community that weekend.


What I love about Laura and Kelly is that they are obviously making beautifully designed and great fitting apparel, but for them it is much more than just the clothes. They really care about the queer community and want to create visibility for different gender identities, body types and ethnicities. They use real people from their New York community, and now growing Canada base to feature as models on their website and social media.

“We started Kirrin Finch because we wanted to create options for people like us, tomboys, queer folks, dapper women, who want to wear clothes that fall outside of the traditional gender binary. Clothing represents who we are as people and so it is just as important that we show the world who we are and help create acceptance for different gender expressions” said Laura Moffat, Kirrin Finch, Co-Founder

I couldn’t agree more. Kate and I felt we had just been invited into a burgeoning club of who’s who in the Brooklyn queer community, from writers, to policy advocates, to coders, to teachers. Over hair, make-up and great eats we all chatted shared laughs, ideas and fused friendships that fit as perfectly as the shirts we were wearing.


The range of people that Kirrin Finch is showcasing in their marketing efforts is finally an authentic representation of real women and real people in fashion. We internalize so much about our bodies and our clothes based on what we see in the media and if it is always a straight, skinny, white women in a dress, then it excludes all these other people who see themselves differently from the mainstream.

With the launch of this latest collection, Kirrin Finch introduces a size 18, to increase their size range to a total of nine sizes running from 2-18. “The average women in America is a size 14 and most brands stop at a size 12. We think it’s important to offer great designs in a range of sizes to fit different bodies,” said Kelly Moffat, Co-Founder Kirrin Finch

Here at Effort-Lez we recently on-boarded a variety of new writers to bring a more diverse range of voices to Effort-Lez. In fact, I actually met two of our new writers, Nicole and E, through Laura and Kelly at the Kirrin Finch photoshoot. Kirrin Finch isn’t just an eco-conscious brand thats makes really lux fitting clothes, they are community developers. Ones we are are so thrilled to be in the “fold” with. (See what I did there?) But seriously they can fold! Check this out!

“I think it’s incredible that Kirrin Finch uses real people as models. Not to say that traditional models are not real people, but they certainly have an extremely different lifestyle than the average person. It’s nice for a brand to recognize that people are affirmed by seeing other folks like them – folks with diverse body types, lifestyles, identities, modelling the clothing. It makes it much easier to imagine what the clothing would actually look like on their body. Using real, diverse people basically represents a “come as you are” attitude, and that’s exactly how it should be,” said E. Garcia, Kirrin Finch model and EL writer.

screen-shot-2016-11-04-at-3-31-17-pmE. Garcia seen here left, Nicole Matte right

“Real people within our community are the people with the needs the fashion industry has been failing to meet. It’s wonderful to see that customer base looking fly as the face of the brand,” said EL writer and Kirrin Finch model, Nicole Matte. “Kelly and Laura have the magical ability to bring together a really diverse group of like-minded, warm, rad individuals. It’s fantastic to work with a company with such a great mission, especially when you’re guaranteed to meet amazing people doing it.”

I was recently fortunate to be featured as one of KF’s Dapper Scouts. Yet another community promoting initiative by Kirrin Finch to bring stories about real people to the forefront. Each Dapper Scout is selected based on their “kickass style” (*clears throat, adjusts shirt*) and for “being an inspiring community member with a story to tell”, says Kirrin Finch. I’m a big fan of the Dapper Scouts initiative and not just because I was honoured, bible. KF’s Dapper Scout program creates powerful visibility for minority communities as well as provides a space to bring awareness to and celebrate individuals doing community work.

If you are looking for an ultra soft flannel shirt with darling af elbow patches you can show off while stoking a fire this holiday season. Or looking to connect with a posse of incredibly interesting, capable and inspiring people. Kirrin Finch is the perfect fit.

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