So the holidays came and went. You gave and received gifts, material or maybe in the form of handsome gestures. You circulated a blur of holiday parties and gatherings and probably ate more Christmas cookies than you’re comfortable admitting. So what?! With the holidays now over you’re probably starring down at an epic pile of laundry and cookie ponch. FFS! Not to worry! New Years is on the horizon. You’re gonna make changes girl! “New year new YOU”… and that starts with sexy NYE outfit that’s gonna have you feelin’ yourself and the year ahead.

While xmas tends to have a lot of flexibility from formal to ugly sweaters. NYE is about classing it up! Think “sleek”, “polished”, “I want to be buried in this.”

I myself haven’t fully committed to a NYE plan quite yet, or an outfit. I’m still debating whether I’m up for an epic night of rubbing elbows with hot strangers on the Vegas Strip (an experience to have at least once if you’re ever here) or having a cozier intimate evening with friends. What I have decided on though – I’m going to start my year off right… with a kiss. And the right outfit can def help grab the gaze of the lady who’s lips I’m going to walk into 2017 perched on.

Every time you get dressed, you should feel impressive, confident, comfortable, and cool.  This night should be no different.  Depending on where you go this New Year’s Eve, I would suggest any type of button-up shirt, a nice suit jacket, some thin dress pants, and maybe an eye-catching scarf.


Whether you’re eating a slice of pizza or spending your night on the hottest ticket in town, you’ll shine.

If you’re going to be spending the evening with your favourite people, why not throw on your favourite tie?


I happen to have two…

New Year

Feeling a little more low-key, a simple shirt with some black pants, and the coat will pull it all together.


I tend to crave a little adventure so for moments I’m feelin’ my inner savage, I like to wear a printed button-up paired with my favourite vintage coat.


2016 may have been a colossal drag, but something wonderful is waiting around the corner in 2017. I can feel it. So let’s dress for it.  Here’s to another cup of coffee and fewer missed calls 2017.  Cheers.

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About The Author


Vanessa is a visual merchandiser from Las Vegas. Coffee has her heart but the music festival will always have her soul.

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