Clothes on, clothes off, this time of year you’re probably looking at a few more layers in any other major city, but here in Las Vegas, it’s warm all year round.  The hot hot heat has made dressing for winter a challenge this year, but for a killer outfit, who doesn’t mind getting a little flush?  Let your style do the talking this winter, and your hands can be somewhere else.  Like inside my back pockets.

Being queer and in Las Vegas, where do you go to find inspiration?  Where do you find individuals with banging individual style? Curiosity sent me on a mission, to find two find some of these folks, take some pictures while exploring rad parts of Vegas, and exchange a few nice words.

First up is Jenny Rios (@peachyfuzz via Instagram)


Las Vegas local, lover of mother nature, good vibes, rad music selection, all around beautiful human. Jenny caught my eye right before Beach Goth 5 – a crazy good music festival in SoCal – I wanted to know more about her taste in clothes, music, and leisure activities. I had the pleasure of conversing with Jenny, after an evening of wandering downtown on a cool November night.


Jenny spoke passionately that night about her love of environmental science, being green – as in anything that helps preserve the planet, all art errywhere, and movies.  Cool thrift finds, and getting that double take from someone when out on the town are a few things that rouse Jenny about fashion.


When I asked her about her style she told me, “I dress the way I want to dress, I don’t really pay attention to trends.”  And we thank her for that.  Noted inspirations for her style include music, defying gender stereotypes, also whatever mood she’s feeling. Her fav musical influences to get dressed to are 80s new wave, Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, The Smiths, The Strokes, and The Killers.  Excellent taste in music and style, what a knockout!

Next up is Abby Ortega (@abiortegaa via Instagram)


Abby likes to add fun to her style by incorporating eclectic inspo. From high end fashion to thrift shops Abby does her research. Abby’s vivacious spirit is palpable and radiates off her. She the girl at the mall who you catch in your periphery that has you turning your head to take in more of her fucking awesome.  Abby can make you an excellent cup of coffee and also get things going with a play list chalked full of trap music, Drake, and edm sounds.


Abby is passionate about painting, exploring Vegas’ streets, and late night expeditions.  When I asked Abby about what influences her look, she told me “for the Latino community, right now is our moment to transcending beyond our parents’ generations of really conservative norms.”


When it comes to fashion what really get’s Abby going is denim and pastels alllllllll day. When she hears the words, “queer fashion” she thinks of being “bold, sharp, making a statement, being out there, projecting yourself into a world that may not be ready for you.”  We slow clap to this all day.

So here you have it two fine examples from Vegas of how being cool, is being confident in yourself.  Do what you want, wear whatever the fuck you want. Are you born with it?  Is it what’s around you that puts you together?  I think it’s a little bit of both.  Style is what you make it, so keep the good vibes going.

Love and Respect.

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About The Author


Vanessa is a visual merchandiser from Las Vegas. Coffee has her heart but the music festival will always have her soul.

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