The leaves are turning, the winds are cooling and right about now you are probably switching out your tanks and cut offs for wooly, flannel layers. And lots of em! While we might not be able to bring back Summer or talk to the pretty girls at beach parties for you, we can help heat up Fall by helping you reminis on what was Summer 2016, with the perfect summer soundtrack featuring the hottest hits from your favourite queer musical ladies.

Kicking it off is obvi…

1. “Stop Desire” – Tegan & Sara

Kicking things off are the former queens of the side-mullet and chart-topping purveyors of cool Tegan & Sara. “Stop Desire” is the third single off their latest album Love You to Death, released this spring. Core message? You can’t help who you’re crushing on… but sometimes even with the smoothest moves they’re oblivious to your charms. Still, it’s catchy as all hell. Trust us.

2. “Digital Witness” – St. Vincent

St. Vincent isn’t exactly an artist known for her danceability. However as one of the most egregious genre-benders in music today, she was bound to hit upon something approximating a traditional pop tune eventually. “Digital Witness” asks us to take a long hard look at our cultural dependency on social media imploring us to put our phones down and live in the moment – something a lot easier to do when we can get lost in music as good as this track.

3. “Get Down” – Amplify Dot

Kicking things up a notch is British MC Amplify Dot’s debut label single “Get Down”. If this doesn’t everyone shaking their jigglypuffs, nothing will. Released in 2012, at this point it’s an oldie but it’s still a goodie. Most recently Amplify Dot has been making a name for herself as a radio DJ but hopefully she’ll be back in a recording studio soon.

4. “Loudspeaker” – MUNA

You’ve caught her stealing glances from across the room and now you need to show her that you’re not just here for a good time, you’re deep too dammit! “Loudspeaker” does all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to try to weave Sylvia Plath quotes into your 30 second conversation with her in the queue for the bathroom. This track is perfect for letting someone know that while you have full emotional range of motion, you don’t have so much emotional baggage it needs to be checked in separately at the airport.

5. “What’s it Gonna Be?” – Shura

New British artist Shura got her big break opening for Tegan & Sara, a natural fit given how well her 80s tinged synthpop fits with Tegan & Sara’s new(ish) sound. Yet, Shura’s still very much her own artist. She’s a gifted songwriter with the rare talent of capturing the strange bundle of anxiety, lust, longing and elation that is being young without descending into broody angst.

6. “All the Way Thru” – JD Samson & MEN

JD Samson & MEN seem to be dormant, which is a real shame, as there can never be enough JD Samson or romantic feminist electro-pop in the world. “All the Way Thru” weaves the classic tale of falling hard and moving too fast that keeps U-Haul in business set to a beat that’s guaranteed to get heart-rates racing.

7. “Hang Out With You” – Mary Lambert

For an artist who’s built her reputation on leaving her fans in tears, she sure is developing a knack for making people smile. Released last month “Hang Out With You” builds on some of the pop tendencies first introduced on her debut album Heart on My Sleeve (2014) and is pure joy.

8. “Cheap Thrills” – Sia ft. Sean Paul

No one fills a dance-floor like perennial hit-maker Sia. Not only is she one of the best-selling artists in the world, but she’s also the songwriter behind most of the pop chart. Penning chart-toppers from Rihanna, Shakira, Kelly Clarkson, Carly Rae Jepsen and Jessie J, no one can accuse Sia of not supporting other female artists, and with “Cheap Thrills” she’s finally been able to achieve her own #1 on the US Billboard Chart.

9. “Let’s Get Together” – COOPER

The sun’s gone down, people are pairing off left and right but you’re still dancing on the side lines. Nothing sends a message quite as directly as the bouncing chorus of “Let’s get together! I know I want too! Let’s get together I know you want too!” This album track from Kate Cooper’s (of An Horse fame) debut solo album, the eponymous COOPER (2015) may have gotten less attention than lead single “This Year” but is equally fun and infinitely danceable.

10. “Make Out” – Julia Nunes

You’ve got the girl. You’ve spent the whole night talking. The sun’s coming up. What next? Earlier this year Julia Nunes told Nylon, “I want people to remember how awesome making out is. I feel like a lot of people forget it after they’ve been together a while. The period of time in a relationship where all you’ve done is make out is insane. It feels like there’s electricity running through your body.” If both of you are feeling it, it’s time to take a trip to tonsil town. The perfect end to a perfect summer night.

Keep an Ear Out: Michelle Chamuel released her hotly anticipated Feel It EP on the 9th of August for fans of catchy straightforward pop music; comedian Rhea Butcher’s first album BUTCHER is coming out on the 19th of August via Kill Rockstars.

As a special treat for you mates, I put together our Sounds of Summer on a playlist for you. Throw your shades on, kick your feet up and think summer thoughts Baybays.


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    I love these songs. You made my day! Thank you.