In this edition of Style Profile we’ve got Annabell Allum, singer/songwriter + IG sensation. Annabel isn’t your typical face value heart throb, she’s a deep enigmatic musician and all around delightful person. The kind of girl that will have you waiting hours in lines all over the UK to get a signed mix tape and some great eye contact.

EL- When I told a friend we were doing this interview she said “Her shirt game is so strong!”. Can you tell me about how you came up with your signature layer collared shirt look?

Haha, honestly the shirt look came from being cold! I went away on a camping trip one weekend and only bought shirts with me to change into. We were round a bonfire and I put on a second shirt to keep warm… then I decided to just keep doing it! I love layering and I love putting fabrics together. The shirt look came from practicality.

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EL- Well shit! I’ve gotta get some camping in this summer! You have incredible fashion sense! Can you tell me what inspires your looks? Where do you pull fashion inspiration from?

Thank you! I love androgyny and pushing boundaries with what I wear. Shopping in the mens section is one of my favourite things to do, I get strange looks from people but I get kicks from it! I listen to all genres of music, and I feel like my wardrobe reflects that… it changes from day to day depending on what I’m listening too. Some days I’ll be listening to really dark folk and want to wear nothing but black. Other days I’ll be skanking out to The Specials and want to wear the brightest fabrics I’ve got. When I listen to jazz I want to wear a suit… It goes on.

EL- I love how directly influenced you are by another completely separate artistic medium. The Tipping Point has been quoted saying you are about to be “propelled into inevitable stardom”. Tell me how you got started in the industry, and got to be where you are.

Truthfully I never thought I’d be where I am now. I started out playing open mic nights as much as I could, and eventually got offered to play gigs. I spent endless nights emailing thousands of promoters to see if they’d offer me slots anytime/any place. It was hard work because not many people got back to me at first. I took all I could get, and I just kept building with that. Eventually it got to the point I was playing 3/4 shows a week, and indie labels started to get in touch with me. I put out an EP last August and little did I know what was to come after that. I feel incredibly grateful for my team.

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EL- Now that you’re officially famous do you feel a responsibility to the queer community in anyway?

I am so overwhelmed with the support the scene has given me, and I will always feel a sense of owing to the scene. I’ll always support the progression of queer acceptance and understanding- theres still a long way to go with it all and I hope that I can help with that in the future somehow.

EL- You already are by living so authentically and being so visible. Tell me what provides you with the most inspiration in your music?

Everyday life. The people I surround myself with. Travelling.

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EL- You have a really substantial social media following. Do your followers influence you in anyway?

I think they both influence me and motivate me. I get people from all over the world messaging me/ ordering merch and that really inspires me. It sends electrical urges through my veins to travel more and experience more cultures. I just want to be able to get out and meet everyone!

EL- I took a poll and Effort-Lez readers decided that if there was a “Lesbian Music Magazine”, that you would be on the cover. How does that make you feel?

Thats crazy. I’m incredibly flattered and some what red faced. Haha. Mad.

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EL- You are such a fashionable person. I’m a huge fan of your vibe. What’s your favourite piece in your wardrobe right now and why?

Ah this is so hard! Probably my green denim dungarees I got whilst out in Oklahoma last month. Dungarees are great- they’re so easy to wear as you can just keep changing what t shirts you wear underneath! They’re great for British weather too- I can roll them up as shorts when it (rarely) gets hot, but also roll them down when it (inevitably) rains. ha.

EL- Can you describe your fashion in aesthetic in three words?

All. Grey. Areas.

EL- Is fashion something you think a lot about, or something organic for you?

Fashion is just another form of art for me. We’re all blank canvases waiting to be painted on!

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EL- When I say ______ you say _______.

What’s the first word that comes to mind when I say..
“Organic”? Carrots
“C- Chord”? On the G string
& “Denim” ? Octopus???

EL- If you could write a song with anyone who would it be?

Kurt Cobain. No doubt.

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EL- So is that Nirvana or Gwen Stefani? “Nevermind.” 😉  So tell me what does 2016 have in store for Annabel? What can we look forward to seeing from you?

Cant say too much but lots of new stuff is on its way. I’m working really hard at the moment.. I’ve been in hiding for a while and I can’t wait to finally reveal what I’ve been up to.

EL- What is your favourite thing about ?

The fact it exists! It’s wicked. I love it.

For more from Annabel you can check her out at and give her a listen on SoundCloud.

Images: Compliments of @annabelallum

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