For the love of Style, Sneezie has got it all under control!

Sneezie is a twenty eight year old queer fashion icon, an online re-seller out of Oakland, CA.


She has a passion for poetry & writing and loves going on random adventures to find different places that get her creative juices flowing! Ladies take note!

When asked how she describes her personal style, she states she likes to keep it “Minimal…I like to keep it simple but significant. I play with different colors that I feel go well with my skin such as earth tones and sometimes pastels. A lot of street wear and thrifted items.”


This lady lover had us captivated with all she embodies. She likes to use her fashion to play into her sexuality, as fashion for her is “going beyond gender norms yet still highlighting my masculinity and femininity.”


“I believe by tuning into both characteristics it gives me an aura of confidence and sexuality. People vibe off of that.” – Sneezie

She got that Right! She definitely has us vibing!

Fashion and identity are about being true to yourself. Fashion plays a huge role for Sneezie, in showing who she is without having to speak. “My style is always evolving and changing but still true to myself.”


Fashion is a form of self-expression for many, but it can also create inner conflicts when you’re challenging rigid institutions of thoughts like gender. Sneezie talked to me a bit about her experience within her own Queer Journey and how it’s intersected with how she expresses herself.

 “It (queerness) doesn’t necessarily make it easier or harder, but as a QWOC (Queer Woman of Color) it’s definitely played an important factor. I feel like that depends on different things such as environment…I love opening a person’s mind up to the different looks one can come up with without having to stick to a particular role. Unfortunately, some clothing is not made to fit on opposite genders but I feel like that gives it a fun challenge. To be able to play with pieces and make it your own. Give it an androgynous look. “

This lady is challenging all the right spots in us!


While Sneezie can’t give us all her secrets to how she stays on top of her game, some word of advice for those hesitant to play with their image she says:

“Just be yourself! Find something that pops, something that screams YOU and pair it with your favorite pair of pants. Accessorize. Be comfortable and don’t be afraid of being different. You can never be overdressed.”

You can find more of Sneezie’s rebel looks on IG @dammitsneez

All Images taken by the V talented Ms. Erika SolizWORK!


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