Being Queer is a form of revolution; I interviewed Gabriella Gamboa to discuss how her fashion plays along with her identity. Playing with fashion allows us to create a statement and to claim spaces that are rarely provided to us.


Gabriella Gamboa, a twenty four year old Photographer, Barista by way of Oakland, California she identifies as Queer/ Gay.


A fun fact from Gabby is she once went streaking in the rain with a lover, and fell extremely hard in a puddle. Safe to say it was a wet night!

Miss Gamboa describes her personal style as “Always evolving, currently a dandy Bob Dylan (circa 1965) with a side of mesh.”


Current obsession / can’t take her eyes and feet off Chelsea boots.


This Thrifting b-a-b-e describes her fashion to be “Conflicting.”
Inspired by Vibrant minimal, work wear, she has recently been fond of the concept of looking like a “baby leather daddy”, um… is it getting HOT in here?


She has yet to find her perfect leather pants, but 99% of her clothes are thrifted, “I love shopping in the boy’s section,” she says. When asked to connect her fashion with her sexuality, Gabriella states that fashion is physical. It’s what we wear, but also the way we live in our bodies. “It’s visual language that I definitely utilize to communicate my sexuality.”


“It’s in my control and that feels empowering. I don’t think my style is overtly “sexy”, but I have fun expressing my sexuality through a more subtle, coded and playful way,” I dont know about you, but this lady screams all the right things to me!


Being true to yourself is empowering, Gabriella uses her fashion as a creative tool for personal liberation and rebellion. “Realistically, I think fashion is both freeing and limiting for queer bodies, but I try to utilize it to reclaim parts of myself that are silenced by mainstream patriarchal normative structures.” “Even in simple ways, I have fun wearing a unique outfit and challenging those uncomfortable straight stares on BART,” she comments. Slay them Gabby!


Many Queer embodied find it difficult to not only perform their sexuality but to fight back against the restrictions of gender roles, through fashion ones’ journey in the Queer world can be even more restricting, “ I think fashion is both beauty and the beast in my journey,” says Gabby. “The fashion industry has finally begun to blur binaries, but there’s still a lot of work in inclusivity and awareness to be done. For the most part though, I have felt greatly inspired. Loving and checking in on oneself is a constant process, and my personal fashion sense has been useful in my own introspection and growth,” she adds.

If this fashion Kween has not inspired you to break through all fashion and gender norms yet, then we don’t know what will!

A word of advice from this magical being to all those hesitant to play and explore with their fashion image, “ I think it’s safe to say we can all experience that hesitation, it can be confronting, fun, dangerous, simple, complex. It’s important to not take it too seriously, and remember to have fun with it. In the end, we are all naked underneath, so fuck it.”


And remember the words of mother RuPaul, “You are born naked, the rest is a DRAG!”

All images taken by ERIKA SOLIZ

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Estefania s a 26 year old, Queer, Xicana based out of San Francisco. When she is not writing and heading Effort-Lez's West Coast Fashion Team. Estefania "Fanny" can be found hunting for vintage treasures, dancing at music festivals or getting lost in nature. Estefania has a background in Sociology and is also contributing writer for The Odyssey Online.

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