Ever wondered what she’s thinking while going down on you? Wonder no more. We’ve polled your exes and ours and came up with this totally great reference tool.

  • Where should I put my other hand? Boobs, hips, support her bum, boobs?
  • Does she want me to touch her boobs? Or should I let her.
  • Oh God! Yup! We have the answer. Let her touch her own boobs
  • This is so hot! How do men lay on their stomach while giving head. Must kill their dicks.
  • Her legs are twitching, I am VAUSE level!!
  • Does she want to make eye contact? We just made eye contact. FFS
  • My neck! Don’t look so far up Cowboy!
  • This is so sexy! I bet my signed Abby Wambach jersey, I cum the second she touches me.
  • Why do straight girls think having someone put their hands on your head is rude when I love it so much.
  • Is it weird if I look at her? Like really look at her. Like in her other eye?
  • I wonder if she likes to be kissed after?
  • Would it be weird if I touched myself right now?
  • Think she’ll call tomorrow? Ya she’ll call tomorrow! *legs start to shake* She will def be calling tomorrow!
  • I wonder if she’d share her waxing lady.
  • If wet vaginas smell like the ocean, do post menopausal ones smell like California draught?
  • How is anyone (men) bad at this?
  • “I’m gonna lick lick lick lick you from yo head to yo toes…move from the bed down, down to da to da floor.”
  • This isn’t  at all like eating oysters, why do people say that?

Have any others to add? We wanna hear from you!

Tell us in the comments below things that have crossed your mind while going down on your lady.

Image: Unsplash.com

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