You or someone you know has just stepped out of the closet. What now?! Well, sometimes the best advise is not necessarily what to do… but what NOT to do. For this reason we bring you the Top 10 Baby Dyke Mistakes. This is tried and true advice designed to keep you OR “someone you know” (wink wink) on the right path to becoming a healthy, well rounded, full grown Lezzy.

Coming in at…

10. Falling in love with a straight girl
9. Sleeping with a straight girl
8. Marrying said straight girl (this stage 5 error-happen to someone I know)
7. Going into full blown “fan girl” crush mode on your best friend
6. Obsessing on whether you have Gaydar or not.
5. Getting a super drastic lesbian hair cut right after coming out.
4. Hooking up with your Ex
3. Hooking up with your Ex’s Ex
2. Hooking up with your friends Ex
1. Going in for the scissors during your “first time”

If you can avoid these top 10 baby dyke fails, you will be miles ahead of the pack. Happy coming out! Now get out there and make us proud! xx

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Founder and Editor-in-chief at Effort-Lez. Writer, comedian and career lesbian. Interests include, but are not limited to: Kanye West's Fade video, drinking wine & making out (while watching Kanye West's Fade video), cerebral hoarding, three point stands and laughing myself into quadriplegia.

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