Lesbian relationships are a vague and intricate frontier. Among women’s most widely agreed upon group strengths, relationally prowess tops the charts. Women have mad skills when it comes to developing close and intimate friendships with one another. By virtue of this strength, Lesbian couples not only share a romantic connections with one another, but also some crazy intimate friendships. As awesome as this sounds, it can be very confusing when trying to determine whether our cute new friend is a potential #BAE or #BFF.

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Now add that the number one thing on the list of “Things Lesbians Like” is staying friends with their ex’s and the struggle gets even more real. What we end up with is this pool of friends who were girlfriends, girlfrans’, that sometimes become girlfriends and vice versa x’s 4. Are you following me? Probably not, this is my point. How are we ever to know who are our friends are and who are our Bae’s are? Even more importantly… (gasp) How do we know that we aren’t currently dating our best friends??? Don’t panic below we’ve compiled a list to help you discern part of this conundrum. Behold the Top 10 Signs You Might be Dating Your Best Friend.

  1. You have attended a ‘plus one’ event together at least once.
  2. You don’t need to make plans Saturday night, you just automatically know what you’re doing.
  3. You know her wardrobe so well you can help her pick out an outfit from home.
  4. If you attend a social event without her, everyone asks where she is.
  5. You Instagram the two of you doing things couples do.
  6. During Sunday phone calls your mom asks how she is.
  7.  She keeps a tooth brush, razor, phone charger and change of work clothes at your place.
  8. You have “a song”.
  9. You have actual old school printed photos of her up in your apartment.
  10. You always go home together.

Image : Photo Cred Steph Grant www.stephgrantphotography.com @imsteph

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    • Natash

      Ooooo Stacey, I can’t believe this one was overlooked!
      Coming in at #11: “You’re sleeping together.”